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ETPL Chiller Hinge Doors are suitable for temperature control areas, normally used for maintaining positive temperatures. These doors are highly energy-efficient and provide an appropriate insulation value.

  • 60mm PUF insulation for positive temperature up to +5°C

  •  Imported heavy-duty hardware, rising hinges with 3D adjustment

  •  Plain and Smooth surface enables maintaining highest standard   of hygiene, cleanliness and high insulation value

  • Thermal Door Frame with Heavy-Duty Reinforcement in the Door Blade

  • Easily replaceable EPDM Gasket

  • Durable and Long Service Life, Corrosion and wear resistance

  • Frame heaters are provided to the wall frame

  • Standard colour RAL9002, Optional SS304

  •  Standard size in mm (900x2100, 1000x2100, 1100x2100, 1200x2100) 

ETPL doors are designed to meet the most stringent requirements for clean room and hygienic applications. Designed for interior applications in humid or corrosive environments, these doors do not swell, rot, warp, rust or attract bacteria thus making them extremely hygienic and perfect for the pharmaceutical, leisure, food, and healthcare sectors. Most facilities incorporate multiple pressure steps within the building's structure. 

  • Made for Interior applications 

  • Designed to meet the hygienic and stringent requirements of clean rooms. 

  • Can be a single/double leaf door 

  • Customized as per requirement

  • Acoustic 

  • Prevents bacterial growth 

  • Flush Surface, Easy to Clean 

  • No pressure leakage 

ETPL General Purpose Doors are suitable for offices, labs, and clean room  applications. Available in polyurethane PUF Insulation, Rockwool Insulation and Honeycomb Insulation.

  • Door accessories are in S.S material

  • Powder coated Door Frame (GI for reinforcement)

  • Rubber gasket, non-particle-shedding type

  • Standard color: RAL9002 or customized

  • Standard size in mm (900x2100, 1000x2100, 1100x2100)

  • Durable and Long Service Life, Corrosion and wear resistance

  • Ease of operation manual

ETPL Fire Safety Doors are meant to protect lives in the event of a fire-related emergency. These are made with high-quality material using advanced CNC machines in our ETPL Manufacturing Facility in MIDC, Supa, Maharashtra, India.

  • Applied on Emergency Exits 

  • These are Fire Rated Doors for upto to 2-hour fire rating 

  • Can be Single/Double leaf door  

  • Hardware can be selected as per requirement, such as a Panic Bar, door closers, handles, etc. 

  • Prevents fires from spreading  

  • Offered with the options of Glazing, Fire-resistant, self Closing Louvers

  • Customized as per requirement.

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