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Industrial Building


As a manufacturer, Worldwide Steel Buildings is capable of producing a special use steel building for nearly anything our customers can dream up.

If you have a need for a special use application, let us help you customize a prefab steel or metal building. Whether you need to cover a specific piece of equipment, have a use that requires versatility, or just have a concept for a look you want, Worldwide Steel Buildings can make it a reality.

This commitment to custom work (plus the associated affordable pricing) makes Worldwide Steel the best fit in the industry for special use customers, compared with our competitors, who sell only a few designs of building.


Special Use Requires Custom Design:

When you’re looking to make an investment in your next building project, the last thing you want is a stock prefab building. That means you have no say in what goes where, how big it is, how many doors you get, or any other options that are crucial for special use steel facilities. 

At ELEMENTS, we don’t believe in a “one size fits few” approach like many other companies. While our competitors offer stock building kits with little to no customization, Elements Prefab steps up to fill the void. 

Each of our special use pre-engineered metal buildings is custom designed to fit your needs and desires. From custom steel frame and clear span sizing (up to 225’) to custom wall panels and end wall flashing, our building systems can incorporate whatever you need. 

Our architects and engineers are on deck to ensure your design is formatted to your specs, and that its building materials will withstand the elements of wherever it’s built. 

Think no prefab building systems can handle the requirements of your special use facility? Think again … reach out to Worldwide Steel to see just how customized our steel frame buildings can get.


Unique Applications:

Have an odd request? We have the building for it. From commercial buildings, aircraft hangars, industrial buildings and agricultural buildings, all the way down to single-family carports, personal RV storage and mini storage facilities, no building is too large, too small, or too oddly-shaped for Worldwide Steel. 

We’ve designed steel buildings for flacking equipment, protection for generators and pumps, shipyard buildings, hockey rinks, Stadiums, Gyms, Airplane hangars, flights schools, firehouses and even constructed roofing structures for water treatment facilities. There’s almost no project too large or too small that we can’t help you with. If you want to know if we can handle it, just give us a call. We won’t lead you awry.

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